At Medical Costa Rica, our only goal is to provide you with a solution to your health concern while at Costa Rica.

We can provide you with on all possible solutions at your location
We can provide solutions at your location

Medical Costa Rica aims to be a reliable source of solutions, from advice to full medical resolution by our medical team.


Let us know of any questions you have before your travel, we will gladly answer them fully. (ITS FREE!)

Do you have any medical contidition to be aware of? let us know, we will provide you or the medical facility closest to you, with the requiered medications or equipment that may be needed to take the best care of you.

Guarantee your safety with us while in Costa Rica.

Write to us or call regarding any health related situation you may encounter while in Costa Rica. We will guide you at no charge.

Do you have any doubts? Call us for free advice.

Do you need to visit a medical centre? we can provide you with information regarding the available options at your location, o closest to you.

Need a house call visit? Let us know, we will be sending you the fastest or more convenient available option

Do you require specialized diagnostic or treatment? We can provide all specialties.

Let us spoil you, we will provide air charters, ground shuttles from and to your vacation spot. 


Let our specialists give you a second opinion in diagnoses or treatments you have doubts about. Write to us and we will have the appropiate specialist call about it.

Our team can provide the client with one single invoice or bill, that covers for all the needs, at local prices.

We design our services to our client needs, nevertheless, we can provide:

Call or write to us, tell us your situation, we will go the extra-mile to hand-held walk you through the required process.

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A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regavelialia. It is a paradise.