Dear team at medical operations, Medical Costa Rica was created to provide advanced medical solutions. We have access to all medical specialties in Costa Rica, and in association with physicians and different levels of medical facilities, we can provide you with the most efficient solution to your client, regarding diagnostic or therapeutic procedures. 

Should your client need a programmed or emergency procedure, we can provide you with one single bill for all services regarding initial medical attention, transportation as required, diagnostics as required, therapy as required until recovery. Contact us and we will take charge of coordinations required from the time of your call onwards: if we are the initial call we would provide initial medical attention with local provider; if called after initial evaluation we would take charge of transportation and further requirements. ALLOW US TO MAKE YOUR WORK EASIER AND MORE COST EFFICIENT.

Do you want different quotes for any particular case? Let us know, we will provide you with quotes of available options, for your most efficient desicion. 

Hire us. Contact us to obtain a full solution package, including transportation, medical staff, consumables and medical facilities. We will use top medical staff and facilities. We will be you most wise election, being a luxury client oriented company, and charging local prices NOT BASED on CPT Codes.