About Us

Dr. Alejandro Abellan


Our founder, Dr. Alejandro Abellan, is an experienced physician, who has worked at San Juan de Dios Hospital with internal medicine and gastroenterology in-patients; founded the gastroenterology and endoscopic studies unit at CAIS Puriscal; was the medical director of the NGO Children Without Borders (founded by Dr George Whitelaw, Boston) and medical director for an enterprise caring for tourists (medical facilities, ground and air transportation).

Based on this experience, we found that tourists are most vulnerable when they require health assistance of any kind, in a foreign country. Medical Costa Rica, is where advanced medical solutions, and tourism professionals and travelers merge. We provide concierge service in health needs for travelers confort, and specialized medical staff for travelers health.

Issurance companies, also become vulnerable since they do not really know Costa Rica or the health providers they work with.

Medical Costa Rica, is addressed to those individual and companies, who find themselves requiring any health-related necessity, and would like to receive a personalised attention during the process of resolution, different quotes for services and others, so efficient decisions can be made, as well as provide access to local prices and recommendations, out of an independent company, who will only answer to clients, instead of other health providers.

We have created a wide medical network so we can provide quick answers and solutions to your situation, anywhere in Costa Rica.

Dr. Brenes is a top obstetrician-gynecologist, who will kindly guide you towards a successful pregnancy, or treat and alleviate gynecologic conditions, contact us and let us be the re-start of well-being.

CIMCA is a specialized investigation and clinical centre that provides all conventional chemotherapy but provides to cancer patients, the capacity of offering schemes approved either by FDA or all other strict regulatory organizatios. NOT ONLY can we provide all market available treatmentes, but we can PROVIDE ONE LAST CHANCE for candidates to medications not yet available in the global market. Write to us, let us know your case, we might be able to help. 

Dr. Fuentes is an international conferencist for cardiology and cardiology images. He is currently the director of the Cardio-images department at Hospital San Juan de Dios, the historical first and most recognized hospital in Costa Rica. Let us provide you with preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, at the highest level, for the most important part of your body.

At Medical Costa Rica, we expect to provide the best hospitality services. We can provide your charter flights to your vacation destination, and round trip to receive the medical services, so you can make the most out of your travel. In association with Helijet, we can provide charter or emergency medical flights. Come aboard, Costa Rica is amazing seen from our aircraft.

Dr. Natasha Loria is an experienced surgeon, internationally trained and specialized in oncologic surgery and advanced laparoscopic surgery. You will receive the most professional treatment for digestive, abdominal and trauma surgery, as well as the high complexity oncologic surgery. Let us be your surgical solution.

Should your situation require medical intervention, we will coordinate you initial evaluation at the closest facilities, coordinate your transportation to hospital (by ground) or airport (for air transportation which we can provide at non-comparable prices), receive you at the destination airport and provide the intervention needed, on a single bill. You or your insurance company will be paying one single bill, based on local prices and not CPT billing suggestions (exceptions may apply).

Once your solution is achieved, we will provide you with recommendations, transportation back to your original location, and follow up as required.

Our goal, is to provide individuals and insurance companies, with complete solutions at fair local prices, with the best personalised guidance.